Monday, March 26, 2007

Misc Items of Note

  • Previously I wondered what the best frozen pizzas in Finland were. I am now proud to report on two of my favorites: Pirkka and Rainbow. With prices around 2-3 euro each, they are a quick way to grab an inexpensive, tasty, and healthy dinner.
  • The Eurovision Song contest finals are May 12 in Helsinki. This is kind of like American Idols, except it has been going on since the 1950s. Helsinki will be going crazy, as last years' winners are the Finnish rock band Lordi, who are clearly influenced by Kiss. The success of Lordi can best be demonstrated in that they have their own brand of cola in the grocery stores. Remember that Lordi cola comes in Light and Vanilla-Light flavors for those of you watching your weight. (Lordi Cola photo from You can even get Lordi DVDs at the post office.
  • The different groups I affiliate with in Helsinki seem to have a preponderance of meetings. Meetings dominate my schedule each week. What's up with this? How people get any work done with all these meetings is a mystery to me. Any solutions to this problem of too many meetings are welcome!


At 2:11 PM, Blogger Aulikki said...

Hei Dave, if your days are stuffed with meetings, you have been too nice and saying everybody "yes". You must do something, otherwise you will really end up with no time for any work. I recommend replacing some meetings with e-mail exchange. Yes, it is possible, and people must realize that you can't sit in meetings all the time. This problem is by no means unheard of at FMI, so I think they will understand.


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