Thursday, April 26, 2007

Upcoming competitions in Finland

Helsinki City Run: 12 May 2007, a half marathon

Suomi Meloo: 9-15 June 2007, Finland kayak relay from Kuhmo to Oulu. Due to travel plans to England, I won't be able to participate. :-(

Eurovision Finals: 12 May 2007: Long before there was American Idol, there was Eurovision.

Air Guitar World Championships: 5-7 September 2007 (sent to me by George Bryan of NCAR)

Wife-Carrying World Championships: 6-8 July 2007: From the web page How to Become a Master in Wife Carrying:

The wife carrying is an attitude towards life. The wives and the wife carriers are not afraid of challenges or burdens. They push their way persistently forward, holding tightly, generally with a twinkle in the eyes. . . .

You can sense the excitement in the air during the wife carrying competition. The core of the race is made of a woman, a man and their relationship. The wife carrying and eroticism have a lot in common. Intuitive understanding of the signals sent by the partner and becoming one with the partner are essential in both of them – sometimes also whipping. . . .

It is possible to train for the wife carrying competition everywhere in the middle of the daily routines: in the bath, in the super market, in the playground or in the body building centre. The wife carrying is good for your relationship.


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