Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sights and Sounds of Londontown

Yvette joined me in London for the weekend. We had a nice bed and breakfast run by Jane, an American who has lived in England for 30 years.

Saturday Yvette and I walked around London, eating fish and chips and sausage sandwich. We got tickets for the musical We Will Rock You, a story about the time in 2300 A.D. when musical instruments were banned. A pair of young rebels must save the era from the electronic crapola provided by the Globalsoft Corporation. The key lies in getting Brian May's guitar buried in stone. The powerful chords of Queen awaken the people and save the world from the evil Killer Queen. It was a fun show with the crowd getting into the songs.

Sunday we took a ferry along the Thames to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich where the Prime Meridian is. The accompanying picture is us at the Prime Meridian. They had displays on time keeping and the Longitude Problem (the issue of sailors not knowing with precision what longitude they were at). The town was like a cute New England coastal town (except I guess this was closer to the original).

Sunday night we found a concert in the Jazz Cafe by Chris Difford, one half of the partnership in the band Squeeze. The band rocked, especially the pedal steel guitar player, with Difford bringing a country flavor to many of the Squeeze songs.


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