Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cheddar Terror

Yvette and I are back in Helsinki from several weeks in the US. Of the three bags we checked underneath the plane, two arrived in Helsinki. This was perhaps not surprising since we passed through Paris, which usually loses luggage anyway. (The two bags that made it to Helsinki were searched by the TSA.) Repeatedly, we were told that they had no information about the missing bag and that it would be arriving within a day or two. Eventually it arrived with its contents jossled, but apparently all there.

Readers of this blog know my frustrations with finding cheddar cheese here in Finland. Like the last time I was in the US in January, I brought back several bricks of cheddar with me. These were in the delayed bag. This wouldn't elicit much more thought until I read this story from the Associated Press and published on CNN's web page.

(Image from


At 5:02 AM, Blogger Cordelia said...

Oooh. You're on the do not fly list for sure, now ! Seriously, I'd bet there is a connection to what's been going on.


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