Thursday, November 15, 2007


Here is the most recent snow map (lumikartta) of Finland. Nearly the whole country is covered with at least 1 cm. Helsinki was fortunate to have several mesoscale snow bands pass over us in recent days, so we are one of the blips of color along the southern coast.

The English-language monthly newspaper 6 Degrees had an article on the the different words for snow and slush. Here are some of the words from that article.

Loska: grey liquid-like snow. Almost water.

Sohjo: snow mixed with water. Heavier than loska.

Räntä: very wet snow falling from the sky, turn into sohjo upon hitting the ground.

Riide, riitto: sohjo which has become icy after hitting the ground. Very slippery

Nuoska: snow which is made very soft due to warm weather

Puuterilumi: powdery snow. Ideal for winter sports

Tykkylumi: snow accumulated in tree branches. Often seen in postcards.

: elongated drifts of snow formed by wind. Children like to jump in them.

Lumihanki: a thick layer of clean, pretty snow. The stuff white Christmases are made of.

: a thick layer of snow with a hard crusted surface. Try walking on this.


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