Saturday, November 18, 2006


On Tuesday afternoon, I was invited to join a regular group of people from FMI that play floorball. There is actually an international federation for play. Essentially, it is indoor field hockey played with a whiffle ball. It seems a pretty big deal here, as the sporting goods stores carry the sticks and you can see people on the tram carrying their sticks to the game. There are about five people on a team played on a court about the size of a small basketball court. There is no offsides, so it's a high-scoring game.

There are other indoor sports that you see people play here: badminton and soccer. The gymnasium on campus here, also has an indoor rock-climbing wall that's about 40 feet high.

FMI has a all-female floorball game on Mondays, coed floorball on Monday and Tuesdays, and soccer on Wednesday mornings.


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Welcome to the world of floorball!


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