Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Weekend #2

This weekend I hooked up with Clas, a retired gentleman, who picked me up and took me to the Sipoon Kannoottiklubi, a kayak club about 20 km east of Helsinki in Sipoo. What a great little place they have! Below are pictures of one of their cabins where they store boats, both members' kayaks and those owned by the club. This day we spent preparing the cabins for winter, pulling items out of the frozen water, and then enjoying weinerschnitzel at the restaurant next door.

One unique thing about this club is that they have facilities for people in wheelchairs to prepare and launch their own kayaks by themselves. Attached is a picture of a robot tractor that runs via remote control, helping the paddler get in the water. This was built by one of the club members, and has become quite the attraction.


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