Thursday, December 28, 2006

Finnish Music I Want To Hear

I've told you about some of the concerts I've seen, but I've heard other Finnish musicians that I'm interested in hearing more of. Here's a sampling of some of the more interesting ones.

Jani and Jetsetters (pronounced "yah-knee"): Finnish surf rock. Go to the link and click on <> to hear sound clips. Their new album (translated) is called New Wave.

Erja Lyytinen: Blues guitarist, her website is in English, so you can download songs and see clips on YouTube.

Ladies First Big Band: All-woman big band (17 musicians) playing and singing "from Glenn Miller to Gloria Gaynor." They sound fun. Listen to the clip of them playing "It's Raining Men."

Does this Finnish singer (Katri Ylander) look like Dar Williams or not?

The best radio station in Helsinki: 88.6 FM Radio Helsinki, free-form radio station. You may enjoy seeing some of the past playlists or the Top songs of the past week. Note the Christmas songs (they liked the new Aimee Mann Christmas album, as well as some James Brown songs).


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