Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A pity to see her beheaded. . .


Saint Lucia's Day is celebrated every year on the 13th of December in Sweden, Norway and in Finland (by Swedish speaking Finns), as a Festival of Light. An annual Lucia Parade is held on Lucia's Day in most of the cities of the above mentioned Scandinavian countries. In Helsinki, the crowning of the Lucia Maiden takes place at the Helsinki Cathedral. After the crowning, the Lucia Maiden walks down the stairs of the Cathedral dressed in white and wearing a chandelier on her head leading the Lucia Parade through the city.

The original Saint Lucia was a Christian girl from Syracuse, Italy, and was one of the earliest Christian martyr saints. She was beheaded on the 13th of December in 304 A.D. during the persecutions of Christians.

See the losers who weren't selected to be Lucia 2006.


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