Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Work Update

Safely back in Helsinki, what am I up to now at work?

Tomorrow at the University, I give a talk entitled: "Convective Storm Research: Lessons from the USA, Opportunities for Finland." In this talk, I'll describe some of my earlier research with students, as well as my study with Paul Roebber on the 3 May 1999 tornado outbreak.

Due at the end of the month is research proposals to the Academy of Finland (the Finnish version of the US National Science Foundation). I am writing a proposal on frontal structure and evolution using the Helsinki Testbed, AROME nonhydrostatic mesoscale model, and air-quality models. I'm really excited about this proposal, as it will give me the opportunity to answer questions that I've been wanting answered for many years about the collapse of fronts at very high resolution. Specifically, how close are fronts to gravity currents?

Finally, 12-16 February is my intensive week-long course on mesoscale observing networks, specifically the Helsinki Testbed. The Testbed is the primary reason I am here in Helsinki. So, I am busy preparing lectures for the course and asking the experts here in Helsinki to contribute to the course.

So, if my posts are few and far between, you can see why. Lots of things going on here.


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