Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Finland shifts to the right"

This was the headline of the English-language monthly newspaper/magazine Six Degrees. Still, Finnish natives say that a shift to the right in Finland is still more left than the Democrats in the US. From the article, authored by Sini-Tuulia Numminen:

"The victory of the right-wind parties in Finland's recent parliamentary elections seesm to continue the conservative wave sweeping across Western Europe. The Centre Party maintained its position as the biggest party but the real winner was the National Coalition Party which won ten new seats, losing to the Centre by just one seat and by less than 1% of the vote. The True Finns, a small party also situated on the right on the political spectrum, also declared itself as a winner with a 2.5% rise in its vote, giving them five seats in parliament."

"With just 67% of the electorate bothering to vote, this was the lowest turnout in the elections since the Second World War."

"More women candidates were elected than ever before, increasing the female representation in parliament to 42%."


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