Sunday, June 15, 2008

nice boat

We saw this yacht this weekend in Helsinki.

From the Helsingin Sanomat:

Luxury private yacht draws onlookers to Katajanokka

The Pelorus is apparently now the property of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's ex-wife

Yep, it is BIG!

The luxury yacht Pelorus, moored at the Katajanokka Quay, is all of 115 metres from bow to stern.

It has a helicopter pad - or maybe two of them - on the deck, and one of those antennae or domes astride the funnel is probably something to do with the vessel's alleged onboard anti-missile defence system. There's also supposed to be a cinema on board, a disco, and even a mini-submarine.

The yacht, which tied up in Helsinki on Wednesday, has rapidly become an unofficial local sight.

Dozens of curious onlookers are standing on the quay, possibly hoping to get a glimpse of the vessel's owner, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.
There's probably little chance of that.
In July of last year, the Daily Express reported that Abramovich, whose enormous wealth came from the Russian oil business, was parting company with his second wife Irina.

The breakdown of their 15-year marriage was described at the time as the world's most expensive divorce. According to the newspaper, the tycoon's former spouse received not only a tidy sum of money, country estates, and other properties, but also the keys to the 5,317 GT Pelorus.


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