Saturday, November 18, 2006

Java Dave

People who know me know that I don't drink coffee. The only times I drink coffee regularly is when I've been to Europe for conferences. Because of the time shift, I have needed the coffee to stay awake during the meeting. Here at FMI, there are two coffee machines on each floor (four floors) in the kitchen/break area. The coffee is free and is pretty good.

You have eight different choices. You can probably figure out your choices from the photo on the right. "Kahvi"="coffee", "kaakao"="chocolate", "Maito"="milk". My favorite is the kaakaokahvi or maitokaakao. You push the button, then wait about 20-30 seconds of whirring before the liquid caffeine pours into your mug.

It seems several of the research groups have set times for coffee in the morning and afternoon. They take their coffee together and sit around the break area chatting for 30 minutes or so. The groups also meet once a week in a roundtable to say what they've been working on the last week. I haven't decided whether all these meetings are beneficial to the groups or not. Seems like a time sink in some ways, but group unity and knowledge within the groups is pretty well disseminated. In any case, it's clear the free-coffee machines are a big hit.


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