Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Misc Thoughts

  • I attended my first faculty meeting today. You think American university faculty meetings are boring? It's a universal truth.

  • I noticed that almost all the great white males at this faculty meeting had hat head. The obvious exceptions were the bald ones. It's a natural affliction during this time of the year in Finland. I am unaware of any cure, although Halifax Chick has some tips.

  • People ask me all the time about my name Schultz here, assuming I'm German. Not so much in the US, where we are all pretty much mutts.

  • People in Europe seem to celebrate their name day, as much as they celebrate their birthday, if not more. Turns out my name day is Dec. 30. Thanks a lot, Name-Day God. Someone is trying to get the Name Day thing started in North America, if you care.


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