Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yet more observations of Finland. . .

For the past two days, it has been snowing on and off. So far we've got about 3-4 inches. I can see why the Finns like having the snow around. It's a very nice look on the city. I am amazed at how quickly the roads and sidewalks are cleared up. I made it the whole way into work today with walking only about 100 feet on unshoveled sidewalk. American cities I've lived in ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Dogs in Finland don't bark. Think of all the little yappers you see in the U.S. All the caged dogs in fenced-in backyards. People have dogs here all the time, and they seem much more humble. There are several enclosed dog parks on Katajanokka (the island I live on), and I see dogs play with each other all the time, never barking or getting into fights. Is it the culture that produces more mellow Finnish dogs (just like their human counterparts)?

Thanks to my complaining about missing some American (and Mexican) food, some people have begun referring me to the store in downtown Helsinki that specializes in food from English speaking countries. You would think they would have good food. Their web page lists Pop Tarts, Crush soda, Diet Coke, Captain Crunch, Chips A'hoy, and Goober Grape and Peanut Butter. Lovely. No need to wonder why Americans are so unhealthy compared to the Finns.


At 9:39 PM, Blogger Ex-Expats said...

Welcome back !
Talking about American food: Have you been to Mr Nibbles ? The store is located between Stockmann and Railway Station, in the corner of Citykäytävä and Marmorikuja, between Tiimari and Rosso. If you can't find it, feel free to call at 050-5338208.

Here's a link to the Mr Nibbles vs. Behnford's ( I wonder if such a long link works)

If not, see culture and cuisine:



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