Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Tick Bus

On the way to the grocery store at Arabia yesterday evening, there was a line of over 100 people lined up to get inside a large van parked on the sidewalk. The van had a picture of what looked like a spider on the side. Although I had my suspicions, the paper yesterday confirmed my ideas.

Finland out of vaccine against dangerous Kumlinge disease spread by ticks

Given that the Finns spend much of their summertime at their cottages in the woods, I understand about protecting yourself from the ticks. Despite the fact that Finns are pretty strong, robust people (e.g., I know people that build their own kayaks from scratch and their own cottages), I am surprised by the ailments that many Finns face.

17% of Finns are lactose intolerant. (From Finlandia Cheese's FAQ.)

Most apartments and workplaces do not have carpets (even area rugs), as many Finns have allergies. Companies regularly service the entryway carpeting that people wipe their feet on at FMI and many other businesses.


At 10:47 PM, Blogger Ex-Expats said...

Here's even more about allergies: Most big hotels in Finland have "allergy rooms" where the amount of dust has been minimized (say, no velvet curtains, no down pillows, non-smoking ).

I've heard claims that the reason of all these asthmas and allergies are the seriously insulated "bottle houses" with triple windows and double doors, no fresh air even through mailbox. So the particles go round and round.

In USA I like to stay in the chain where you get microwave popcorn in room (no ads here), but I've learned to ask for upstairs room, because downstairs there is too big risk the previous customer had a dog in bed. They say they steam the room after every dog visit, they probably do, all I know are the tomato eyes I see in the mirror of that hotel far too often.


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