Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hotel restaurants worth crowing about

Usually, most restaurants in hotels are not worth getting excited about. Recently, Yvette and I have been impressed by two in Helsinki.

The Hotel Cumulus in Kaisaniemi has a restaurant Huviretki. The best deal is the "select your own steak dinner" menu. Guests get to pick the type of meat and cut, the sauce, and the side dishes.

Yesterday, Yvette and I tried Ristorante Papa Carlo in the Hotelli Fennon. We were one of just two or three tables being served, and the prices were outrageously low. 12-15 euro for the dinner. 28 euro three-course menu. The food was exceptional and the presentation was gorgeous. This will become one of our favorite restaurants in Helsinki.

Both restaurants have had availability, even during the busy weekend nights. Hyvää ruoka!


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